Nude Man Rescued at Cowenton Ridge Park

The White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company reported that Baltimore County Police Department and Baltimore County Fire Department responded to The Trails at Cowenton Ridge Park for a person wading in a small abandoned rock quarry on May 14 around 4 p.m.

Initial reports from the 911 caller indicated a nude male screaming in the water. Police arrived first to the park, located at 8941 Cowenton Ave, and reported the subject would not exit the water. Clothing found on a rock ledge approximately 30 feet high led responders to believe the person jumped into the water.

The first arriving fire unit requested an inland water rescue assignment since the person was not following commands, could not be reached, and appeared to be ill or under the influence. Additional resources were dispatched including boats, water rescuers and a dive team. Shortly after the arrival of Engine 202, the subject was talked out of the water and taken into the care of EMS.

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