Perry Hall Shopping Centers Getting Facelifts; New Stores

Councilman David Marks announced renovations to two local shopping centers in the Perry Hall area.

Wooden structures were seen at the Silver Spring Shopping Center at the corner of Silver Spring & Belair Roads in Perry Hall as renovations started last week. This is the shopping center that added Lidl to take the spot of the old Mars Supermarket building.

“Our office worked with the Baltimore County Department of Permits, Approvals, and Inspections to have the permits reviewed. Everything was finalized on Sept. 10, and renovations started on Sept. 14,” Marks said.

“By the end of the year, the shopping center should have a nice facelift. Along with the Lidl that opened in January, this has been a good year for that area.”

The other facelift is a mile down the road at the Perry Hall Square Shopping Center at the corner of Ebenezer and Belair roads.

Marks released a schematic showing the new layout and stores scheduled at Perry Hall Square. Boardwalk Fries was reported to join the shopping center, but a Zips Dry Cleaning and a fitness center joins the shopping center. Those stores join Dollar Tree, Brunswick Bowling, Ace Hardware and many other stores.

“Very happy to see these changes. In 2012, the Council created a commercial revitalization district along Belair Road that has helped from this area down to the Silver Spring Shopping Center,” Mark added.

“If you don’t like the new businesses coming in, you have every right not to patronize them. My personal opinion is that occupancies are almost always better than vacancies.”