COVID-19 Eastern Baltimore County Numbers for April 19

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The Maryland Department of Health released a new set of stats on the outbreak of COVID-19 that included more of a breakdown to include zip codes last week. Stats are released everyday at 10 a.m.

According to the state’s daily numbers for April 12, the highest level of the cornavirus is still in the 21215 zip code in Arlington, which encompasses both western Baltimore City and Baltimore County. There have been 265 coronavirus cases recorded in the 21215 zip code after there were a reported 137 cases last week. That is an increase of 93.5 percent since Sunday, April 12.

Eastern Baltimore County
After a seven-day period, here is the latest cases in the eastern Baltimore County zip codes since Sunday, April 19 at 10 a.m. Every zip code that had a reported cases last week all saw an increase in cases over the week, but some areas had higher increases than other zip codes.

* The 21234 Parkville zip code was reported last week with the highest coronavirus cases in eastern Baltimore County with 109 cases. Parkville still has the most in the area with 169 cases. That is a 55 percent increase.

* The 21224 zip code had 84 cases as of last week and that has grown to 136 COVID-19 cases. It is still important to point out that a majority of that zip code is in Baltimore City with a portion of Baltimore County that includes the Eastwood and Colgate communities.

* The Overlea 21206 zip code saw a jump from 89 to 124 cases over the week. That was a 39.5 percent increase over last week.

* The Dundak area (21222) went from 55 to 83 COVID-19 cases. That was an almost 50 percent increase.

* It appears that the 21237 Rosedale zip code nearly doubled in reported cases as it went from 37 to 71 cases in just one week. That was a 92 percent increase over that week.

* The 21220 Middle River zip code saw a 64 percent increase as cases went from 36 to 59.

* The 21236 Nottingham zip code (not to be confused with the 21128 Perry Hall zip code) had a report of 40 cases and only saw an increase of 42.5 percent to 57 cases.

* The 21128 Perry Hall zip code was reported with 16 cases last week and had a reported four more cases to bring the total to 20 cases.

* Essex coronavirus cases went from 35 to 54 in the 21221 zip code.

* The 21219 Edgemere/Sparrows Point area zip code remained low from nine to 12 cases over the week.

* There still has not been any reported cases in White Marsh (21162) or Kingsville (21087) of COVID-19.

These rankings and cases were based on the amount of people that tested positive for the coronavirus. Baltimore County had 1,392 cases as of Sunday morning. There have been 44 deaths in Baltimore County, but there is no zip code breakdown of deaths as a result of COVID-19 at this time.

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