Marks Wants Revised Plan for Gerst Farm Project

Councilman Marks wants the developer of the Gerst Farm project to revise their current 300-house plan.

After receiving community criticism at a Feb. 6 meeting for the proposal of the Gerst Farm project in Perry Hall, Councilman David Marks announced that he is asking the developer of the property for a revised plan that addresses the concerns of the community.

Gerst Farm is located at 9328 Gerst Road behind the Honeygo Village Center and near the Joppa and Cowenton road traffic circle in Perry Hall.

“Specifically, I am calling for far fewer units, as well as deed restrictions that require the senior housing to be owned by older residents,” Marks said in a statement. “I have also asked the developer to work with Baltimore County to set aside a large section of the property near the Honeygo Village Center as a public park.

Elm Street Development’s plan calls for the building of 317 townhomes/rowhomes on 47.61 acres of land. Some of the community concerns were more traffic to the area and adding to an already overcrowded school system.