Patapsco Student Honored in Young Writers contest

Allie (Talis) Hill, a junior literary arts student at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts, won a top prize in the Young Writers “Through Their Eyes” writing contest.

From thousands of entries received from across the nation, Hill’s poem “Growth” was one of only five selected to be honored. In addition to being published, Hill has won $100 and a trophy.

“Allie is an amazingly talented and prolific author with an incredible gift for conveying emotion in her writing,” said Trisha A. Dunn, Patapsco High’s magnet coordinator.

“Allie Hill joined Patapsco’s Literary Arts magnet last year as a sophomore,” said literary arts teacher Julie Cutlip, “She is quite a prolific storyteller — for a 20,000-word story, she limits herself to 40,000 words. Allie was insistent that she was ‘not a poet.’ Despite ‘having no talent’ for poetry, somehow, she managed to not only be recognized in the Young Writers’ Through Their Eyes writing contest but to actually win! Allie is currently a junior and writing amazing poetry every day in her poetry class. Today might just be the day she accepts that she is a poet.”

Since 1991, Young Writers has coordinated contests and offered online resources to encourage students to write.