Bad Storm Damage Reported in Edgemere Area

-photo courtesy of North Point Edgemere Volunteer Fire Department-

The North Point Edgemere Volunteer Fire Department [NPEVFD] reported that a strong storm on Monday, June 14 resulted in 18 service calls in the North Point Peninsula area.

Some of those calls included down trees, down powerlines and flooding.

One of those calls sent the Baltimore County Marine Unit to rescue two boaters who were stranded near the Fort Howard Lighthouse after their boat was overtaken by bad weather.

The boaters were rescued in what was described as “extremely rough sea conditions”.

It was reported that all crew members returned back safely.

“Last night the North Point Peninsula community experienced mother nature at her worst,” said a statement from the NPEVFD Facebook page.

Some in the area have questioned if this storm was a tornado. The National Weather Service has not yet confirmed if Monday’s storm was a tornado but the NPEVFD said the storm appeared to have a “rotation”

“The crew entered into the first storm cell, which was indicative of some rotation, while the events are still being investigated by the NWS, it is hard to deny rotation of this storm,” said a statement from NPEVFD.

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