Baltimore County Has Released a List of Road Closures

This is the latest list of county road closures and other road-related problems caused by today’s coastal flooding/wind event. This is list is changing constantly as problems are reported and resolved.

Millers Island Boulevard at Baylight Avenue, 21219
Grace Road at Martha Avenue, 21219
Lynch Road at Martha Avenue, 21219
River Drive Road at White Way Road, 21219
Peach Orchard Road, 21222
Bullneck Road at Long Point Road, 21222
Ella Avenue at River Drive Road, 21219
River Drive Road at Grace Road, 21219
Millers Island Boulevard at North Point Road, 21219
Bayside Drive at Beach Drive, 21222
Galena Road, 21221
New Section Road at the dead end, 21220
Bay Drive, 21220
Wye Road, 21221
Wilson Point Road, 21220
Seneca Park Road, 21220
Wilson Point Road at dead end, 21220
Riverside Drive at Cox Point Park (entrance to park), 21221
Clarks Point Road at Bowleys Quarters Road, 21220
520 Braeside Road, 21229 (blocking alley, wires down; BGE notified)
3667 Hilmar Road, 21244
Old Court Road at Bedford Avenue, 21208
17 Warren Road, 21221
4601 Wards Chapel Road, 21117
Lakeside Boulevard at Groffs Mill Road, 21117
Hatherleigh Road, 21212
Pepper Hill Road, 21128 (tree in wires; Verizon contacted)
Green Glade at Manor Road, 21131; (tree in wires; Verizon contacted)
Golupski Road and Holly Neck Road, 21221; (BGE notified)