Baltimore County Launches Detailed COVID-19 Dashboard

Baltimore County Government has created an app with information about COVID-19.

The dashboard covers all the cases of the coronavirus throughout the county. It has a list of the cases in each Baltimore County by zip code. The app also breaks down each case by race, gender and age.

According to the first version on the county’s dashboard, 59.13 percent of the county cases have been female with 40.87 percent of cases listed as male.

The stats by race show African Americans with 555 cases, Caucasians with 417 and Asians with 31 cases. There were 224 cases listed as “other” and 148 cases were listed with no race reported.

The Dashboard listed that there have been 1,377 confirmed cases and 41 deaths as a result of the virus in Baltimore County. The site also lists the state of Maryland with 9,472 cases and 302 deaths.