BCPS Addresses Inappropriate Audio During Meeting

The Board of Education of Baltimore County and Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Darryl L. Williams released the following statement regarding Inappropriate Audio that could be heard on it Tuesday, Oct. 13 virtual online meeting. There were media reports of possibly pornographic moaning during the meeting.

“The Board of Education of Baltimore County and Superintendent are very concerned about the incident that occurred near the end of the Board of Education meeting Tuesday night when inappropriate audio was heard by those in attendance at this virtual meeting. The Board officers, Kathleen Causey and Julie Henn, have consulted with the Superintendent, Board counsel, and have contacted the Maryland Office of the Inspector General for Education to investigate.

The information available at this time indicates that numerous individuals, in addition to board members, were online at the time. We do not know if someone hacked the meeting; however, that will be part of any investigation.

Recordings of Board meetings constitute the official record. As advised by Board counsel, the Board directed that the inappropriate portion be deleted from the publicly available recording, but has directed the Superintendent and his staff to preserve the original recorded version for further inspection as part of any investigation.

We regret that this incident occurred and are looking at what steps can be taken in the future so nothing like this occurs again.”