BCPS Announces COVID Guidelines for Sports

The start of the high school sports season is a week away from this Friday and BCPS sent out it guidelines for athletes, coaches, and spectators at its athletic events.

As expected, face coverings are mandated for athletes when inside a school building unless the athlete is in the field of play. All coaches, sideline players and spectators must wear a face covering while indoors. That applies to all vaccine and unvaccinated individuals.

However; BCPS is not requiring masks for outdoor events, although it is recommended that non-unvaccinated individuals wear a mask outdoors.

Spectators are still required to practice social distancing and BCPS is prohibiting congregating at the field, in the school, or in the stadium following the game. Parents are required to meet their student back at the school.

Of course, teams will still be allowed to travel to other schools, but new guidelines are in place as visiting teams will follow BCPS mitigation measures.

Visiting teams will be allowed enough time for warmup prior to the game start time.

Visiting teams must arrived dressed and ready to take the floor/field as access to locker rooms for visiting teams will not be permitted and JV/Varsity team not playing will be required in the bleachers following social distancing guidelines.




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