BCPS Middle & High Schools Return to Four Days

BCPS Superintendent Darryl L. Williams sent out a letter to BCPS Parents and Students announcing that all BCPS students can return to school four days a week.

Elementary school students returned to school in-person four days a week on May 10. Now Middle and High School students can return for four days starting next Monday.

“As shown on our COVID Data Dashboard, Baltimore County is now in the “orange zone” for COVID-19 transmission, which allows us to reduce social distancing for all students to three feet,” Williams explained.

“Beginning Monday, May 24, 2021, all students will have the opportunity to return for four days of in-person learning. Each middle and high school will let families know how to choose this option.”

Read more information about BCPS mitigation updates based on improved metrics in Baltimore County.

The dashboard is available at www.bcps.org/covid19 and the mitigation updates are at www.bcps.org.