BCPS Plan Calls for Remote Learning Until Jan. 29

Baltimore County Public School released their Reopening Plan for Fall 2020. The proposal is expected to be voted by the Board of Education tonight.
Under the plan, the start of the school year would still start on Tuesday, Sept. 8 but the year will start virtually for everyone for the first two quarters until Friday, Jan. 29.

According to the draft, the amount of online class time for this remote learning will increase compared to the remote learning in the spring as schools will follow a bell schedule. Students would receive two to 3.5 hours of class time each day and would have up to three hours for independent work.

If better safety measures are in place for COVID-19 in January, a hybrid learning environment would start in the second semester where a student would receive in-person instruction at the school for a few days a week on a rotating basis.

Parents and students would still have the option of full-time remote learning in the second semester. The draft of the plan is pictured below