Casanova Wins East Balt Co Scholarship

Congratulations to recent Patapsco High Center for the Arts graduate Joaquin Casanova who was named our East Balt Co News scholarship winner for the 2020-21 school year.

Casanova was selected by the school and was awarded the scholarship by

EastBaltco awards a scholarship to a student that has ambitions for a career in media. Casanova is the fourth winner for the Benstorming/East Balt Co News scholarship since 2017.

Casanova will be headed to the University of Cincinnati to study media production starting next year. He was also involved with the theatre department at the school and said his time at Patapsco was a valuable experience.

“Patapsco has prepared me for the future through the skills I learned in the theatre department but more importantly it has given me the confidence to succeed in new situations and interact with new people,” Casanova said.

According to Casanova, he was only at the school for two years, but said he was welcomed to the school with opening arms.

I’d say that my memories of Patapsco are of late nights working on theatre shows and studying with others before exams,” Casanova added. “Beyond that what really stuck with me was how quickly the students accepted me even though I only arrived in junior year.”

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