CBD Supply Maryland Opens in Overlea

Ryan Nawrocki and Brett Wilson of CBD Supply Maryland

Over the past year, there have been many shops that have opened with the letters CBD.

According to Brett Wilson and Ryan Nawrocki of CBD Supply Maryland in Overlea, CBD stands for Cannabidiol and can be delivered in all different forms including as an oil that can provide natural treatment for health issues.

Nawrocki said he followed the growth of cannabidiol (CBD) when he worked on Capitol Hill. Studies were conducted and the wellness alternative had momentum for a few years until it finally passed into law in 2018. The current rules regarding CBD were put in place by the federal 2018 Farm Bill.

With its legalization over the past 18 months, hemp-based CBD products and stores have hit the open market. Nawrocki and Wilson said they decided they wanted to take part in this new business. CBD Supply Maryland opened in January at 7690 Belair Road in the Belair Beltway Plaza. The four primary areas at Supply Maryland are wellness, pantry, pet and beauty.

“Some might think this is the latest fad like a diet or when everyone was eating avocados but I believe this is more. Cannabidiol is a breakthrough,” Nawrocki said.

With the opioid crisis in the state and country, Nawrocki pointed out that CBD oil is not addictive compared to opioids and a bottle of oil can run between $20 to $60 and above. A bottle of opioid pills can run over hundreds of dollars.

CBD Supply Maryland stated that studies show that CBD can help with the backpain and the FDA has recently approved a CBD based drug called Epidolex to treat children and adults with epilepsy. It has been reported the CBD can also alleviate mental symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Wilson and Nawrocki still recommend customers consult with their physicians.

“The products sold at the store require no medical card for purchase and you don’t need a prescription,” Wilson said.

There has been question if CBD should be compared to marijuana. Nawrocki explained that this product is hemp-derived CBD and fully federally legal. The difference is that marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and there is no THC in CBD.

“CBD is not addicting at all. Marijuana makes a person high because of THC. There is no THC in this product,” Nawrocki added.

Since CBD is in its infancy, Nawrocki and Wilson expect more regulations from the federal government. Both men believe there should be more oversight.

“We welcome regulation because we know our product is safe and effective. We have extensively researched our products and have visited many of our suppliers manufacturing facilities to ensure that they are producing high quality CBD,” Wilson said.

According to Nawrocki, the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil is that there is simply no CBD in hemp seed oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) occurs in the leaves, stalks and flowers of the hemp plant. Since hemp seed oil is created from the seeds of the plant there is no CBD content in that product.

“A regulatory structure that ensured the quality and consistency of CBD products would be useful to consumers because not all companies have gone through the processes we have to ensure that they are offering quality CBD products,” Nawrocki explained.

For more information, go to cbdsupplymaryland.com

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