Despite Closure; New Dundalk Schools Ready

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The good news is the one of the new Dundalk school is ready to open and another new school is around a month away from opening.

The bad news is that students won’t be in the new school buildings until at least February because of COVID-19.
Baltimore County Public Schools announced that, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, construction of the new building for Colgate Elementary School has been completed and Berkshire Elementary School is scheduled to be finalized in mid-October.

The completion of the Colgate building will allow school administrators to set up schedules, beginning Friday, August 28, for teachers to unpack and pick up materials to be used for teaching virtually.

At Berkshire, school administrators have arranged for teachers to enter the existing school building to secure materials needed for teaching virtually.

According to the BCPS Department of Facilities Management and Strategic Planning, several measures were implemented to accelerate construction of the schools.

The measures included reviewing the schedule, adding workforce, and overlapping trades, whenever possible, as well as closer coordination with all contractors.

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