Dundalk Football Continues Dominance Over Patapsco

-photo courtesy of Dundalk Coach Matt Banta Twitter page-

Dundalk started off the season with a 39-6 win over their cross town rivals Patapsco on Saturday.

The Owls jumped off on the road to a quick 20 to 0 score at the half.

Dundalk head coach Matt Banta posted on Twitter that Juniors Quarterback Calvin Stokes had a passing and a rushing touchdowns in the game.

Sophomore Running Back Jordan Fiorenza had three rushing TDs on the game. Junior Wide Receiver Marcus Nicholson had a TD reception too.

Dundalk travels to Kenwood next Friday, who came off a blowout win over Chesapeake Friday.

Patapsco will travel to Essex to play Chesapeake in a battle of 0-1 teams.

“Week 1 in the books! A solid 39-6 performance we can build off of,” Banta said about Dundalk’s win on Twitter.