Marks Gives Update on Closed Joppa Road Bridge

Councilman David Marks released a statement that he received from Baltimore County on the replacement of the Joppa Road Bridge near Honeygo Elementary School.

The bridge has been closed since January and drivers have been rerouted to Ebenezer Road to drive from Belair Road to Honeygo Boulevard.

Here is the statement from Baltimore County:

Wereconstruction of Bridge No. B-0545 on Joppa Road, however the actual re-opening may not take place until August. The extended duration is due to workload constraints, labor and material availability and a more complicated design than originally anticipated.

Our bridge maintenance contractor will be remobilizing at the site this week to begin constructing the new cast-in-place concrete abutment caps (top portions of the abutments). This operation should take between 2 to 3 weeks to complete.
Concurrently we are finalizing the engineering plans for the replacement superstructure (top portions of the bridge that spans between the abutment supports). The superstructure will be made of precast concrete slabs which are the most efficient and economic choice for this bridge. Due to the asymmetric orientation of the existing abutments several different size precast concrete slabs need to be design and detailed. Typically on these types of superstructures only one interior and one exterior slab design/details are needed.

We have placed a high priority on completing this project. Should you have any further questions please advise us.”