UPDATE-Marks Requesting “Enforcement on High School Tracks”

-photo courtesy of Councilman David Marks-

Councilman David Marks was considering closing all high school tracks in the 5th District after a group of over 20 athletes were spotted practicing at the Perry Hall High School track. Marks said he did some investigating and learned that the large group was not part of a high school or recreation council team.

“I have been a strong supporter of keeping parks and other areas open as long as social distancing is maintained. Unfortunately, some continually abuse the privilege of being able to access the Perry Hall High School track,” Mark said.

According to Marks, he was on the verge on asking for access to the track to be closed off to all tracks in his district where Governor Larry Hogan’s executive order was being ignored. Marks later decided to ask for enforcement and to keep the tracks open.

“Tonight, I communicated with Perry Hall High School’s principal, the police, and recreation council leaders, as well as School Board member Julie Henn. Perry Hall High School’s track will remain open, but if there are any further practices by teams that violate social distancing – it will be closed,” Marks added. “Furthermore, police will step up their enforcement.”

There were reports two weeks ago that the Perry Hall track was filled with visitors and social distancing requirements were not being met.

“Please honor the governor’s executive order on social distancing – no more than ten people, and individuals spaced six feet apart – and understand that enforcement will be stepped up significantly,” Marks explained.

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