Rosedale VFC & Santa to Tour Community

The Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company has started its tour with Santa on the Fire Truck in the Rosedale/Overlea community. The tour started last Monday and a schedule has been released until Saturday, Dec. 12. Rosedale VFC released the statement on its Facebook page last week about the event.

“To the Rosedale community, we are beginning to bring Santa around to the community, please pay careful attention to the posted routes on the maps for the streets we will be coming down. If we are not coming down your street we ask that you come to an intersection that we pass through if you would like to see Santa,” said the Rosedale VFC.

“Please take note of the time and effort that goes into bringing Santa to the community, while also selling Christmas trees. We are still providing emergency coverage to the community and will make our best effort to keep Santa traveling along his route.
Don’t be a Grinch we are doing the best we can.”

Here is the schedule starting Tuesday, Dec. 8. Times are scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. Dates and times are subject to change due to requests for service. For the full schedule go to the Rosedale VFC Facebook page
Tuesday, Dec. 8
Philadelphia Road from Lennings Lane to Rossville Blvd.
Ridge Road and Franklin Square Drive
Trump Mill Road
Fontana Lane
Wednesday, Dec. 9
Fullerton Avenue
Kenwood Avenue
Willowdale Avenue
Henry Avenue
Elinor Avenue
Linden Avenue
Beech Avenue
Thursday, Dec. 10
Chesaco Avenue
Neighbors Avenue
Woodhaven Road
Radecke Road
Marquette Road
St. Regis Road
McCormick Avenue
Hamilton Avenue
Friday, Dec. 11
Longview Avenue
Summit Avenue
Philadelphia Road (Summit to Longview)
62nd, 63rd and 64th Street
Rosedale Avenue
Shirley Avenue
Duvall Avenue
Gilmore Avenue
Oakdale Avenue
Saturday, Dec. 12
Rosewick Avenue
31st, 32nd, 33rd and 34th Street
Rustic Avenue
Pine Grove Road
Philadelphia Road (Rustic Avenue to Pine Grove Road)
Hilldale Road
Spring Avenue
Berkfield Road