Three Men Charged at Gunpowder Falls State Park

Maryland Natural Resources Police announced on Tuesday that officers patrolling in Gunpowder Falls State Park charged three New York men with fishing with a spear gun and fishing without a license after hours.

On May 16 at approximately 11:30 pm, officers were conducting surveillance at Gunpowder Falls State Park when they observed three men in the river fishing with spear guns. As the officers approached the men, they observed multiple fish including three smallmouth bass, two largemouth bass, one common carp, one American eel, three snakeheads, and 13 creek chub/fallfish. When questioned, the men admitted to shooting the fish with spear guns and not possessing fishing licenses. As a result, police charged them with multiple violations and confiscated the fish.

Diego Martinez-Bueno, 36, of Baldwin, Martin Collado-Rodriguez, 30, and Luis Fernandez- Garcia, 29, both of Brooklyn, received the following charges:
Possession of a weapon in a state park,

* Fishing for Smallmouth Bass with projectile gear
* Fishing with projectile gear in trout management area
* Fishing for Smallmouth Bass during closed season
* Fishing Largemouth Bass during closed season
* Remaining in an area closed to public use
* Fishing without an anglers license non-resident
* Restrictions on fishing in non-tidal waters.
* Each man faces up to $1,492 in fines if convicted.

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