Two Dundalk Girls to Compete in First Ever State Female Wrestling Championship

Brooke Mason and Masiel Nunez (left to right) are Dundalk High's first female regional wrestling champions; -photo courtesy of Dundalk High School Owls Wrestling Facebook page-

Dundalk High’s Masiel Nunez and Brooke Mason are among 14 BCPS students and two of 123 girls statewide that will compete in the first-ever MPSSAA Girls State Wrestling Championships. The event will take place March 5 at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro.

Both girls are Dundalk’s first female regional champions. Nunez wrestles at 100 lbs. and Mason wrestles at 127 lbs.

Over the past few years, girl’s wrestling in the state of Maryland has continued to grow with the support of the MPSSAA, yet, 2020 will mark the first time that girls will have the same opportunities as boys to compete for their own state championship.

The coed, or “boys” tournament will start on Friday, March 6, in which females are still able to participate if they qualify through the MPSSAA regional tournaments. In the past, a few girls, typically at lighter weights, made it to this culminating point in the wrestling season. However, the recent success of female wrestlers in Maryland have paved the way for new opportunities.

For the first time in Maryland wrestling history, eight fully-bracketed regional tournaments were held for the girls in conjunction with the coed, or “boys,” events. In total, Baltimore County girls captured 11 individual Regional Championships on Saturday, February 29.

These regional champions will compete beginning on March 5, for the chance to wrestle in the state championship finals on Saturday, March 7. Both the MPSSAA coed and female state championship finals will be held simultaneously at 6:30 p.m.

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