Baltimore Mom Wins $100,000 at Middle River Store

A lucky Baltimore woman experienced an interesting turn of events, thanks to the Maryland Lottery, that nearly brought her to happy tears. After undergoing some very challenging circumstances, the mother of two saw her situation take a rapid turn for the better when she scored a $100,000 top-prize win on a $100,000 Lucky scratch-off!

The 33-year-old found her big win after stopping for gas at a Middle River Royal Farms located at 1302 Windlass Drive.

While there, she decided to buy Lottery games. Her luck began when she purchased a $10 instant ticket and won $20. The scratch-off fan then added another $10 to her $20 prize to purchase a $30 $100,000 Lucky scratch-off.

She scanned her instant ticket while in the store. After seeing the “Take to Lottery” message, the player took the scratch-off to the store clerk to rescan. She quickly learned a $100,000 fortune was coming her way. “It took everything in me to keep myself together,” the happy player said.

Once she left the store, our winner shared the great news with her grandmother and her best friend. The lucky lady currently works in banking and plans to use her winnings to purchase a house, make financial investments and take a vacation.

The $100,000 Lucky scratch-off went on sale in September and still has 60 $100,000 top prizes remaining. Royal Farms #042 will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.