BCPS Kicks Off New 2021-22 School Year

Baltimore County Public Schools kicked out their 2021-22 school year on Monday. For the first time since August 2016, BCPS started their school year before Labor Day with an August opening.

This was also the first opening day that BCPS had since September 2019. The start of 2020-21 school year was virtual as a result of COVID-19. Students went online until this past March when some students started attending school two days a week.

Students later went back to school in-person four days a week in May, but still had virtual learning on Wednesdays.

This will be the first full week (five days) of in-person learning at BCPS schools since March 2020.

The restrictions of COVID-19 still remain as BCPS and all of Maryland Public Schools mandate that all students and staff wear masks all day while in school.