Dundalk TV Reporter Attacked While Filming

Dundalk TV founder and reporter Scott Collier posted a video of him being attacked Wednesday morning around 5 a.m. on his YouTube channel. Collier was recording an altercation at the intersection of Liberty Parkway and Mornington Road in Dundalk.

The video showed a female, involved in the incident, asking Collier why he was recording video at the scene.

Then a few minutes later, the female walked over to Collier. She questioned him on why he was recording the incident again and next Collier’s camera fell to the ground. Police were already on the scene.


According to the audio, Collier told police that the young female knocked the camera out of his hand.

Dundalk TV has over 1,100 subscribers and has taking videos around the Dundalk area since the YouTube channel was launched in 2012.