Funding Approved for New Northeast Elementary School

Julie Henn, Vice Chair of the BCPS Board of Education, announced that the Board has approved the funding for the New Northeast Elementary at Ridge Road at its meeting on Tuesday night. The school will be built in the Rossville area and is expected to open in August 2022.

“This evening, Board approval will be requested for $48.3 million in construction contracts for the new Northeast Elementary School at Ridge Road.
Construction is expected to start this summer with an anticipated opening in August, 2022,” Henn said in a statement.

This school is expected to take away some of the students from the overcrowded Joppaview and Perry Hall elementary schools.

A new middle school was also set to be build on King Avenue and Henn expects that funding for that school to be approved shortly.

“It is the next priority in the capital improvement program after the elementary school and construction is imminent. All projects were delayed pending state funding,” Henn explained about the northeast middle school.

Councilman David Marks said the county now has the green light to build many of its proposed schools as state funding has been approved by the Maryland General Assembly.

“With the activation of the Built to Learn Act, money should advance over the next few years for high school projects,” Marks said.

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